Monday, 6 July 2009


I've never been compelled to do a music review so it's likely this is the only one.

Kasabian @ Eden.

Perhaps it's my age, but does every British rock band sound the same these days?

Now I'm shit at music so anyone rocking in tune and on time amazes me, but surely there's a cure for dull, thudding guitars knocking out uninspiring white noise.

Maybe they just don't do as many psychedelics as they did in the good old days. When the country is fuelled by cheapshit lager and Primark it's no wonder commerical music, and those that follow it, has lost any edge.

More on point i'm sick of gigs and festivals getting infected with brutish security and police. This neo-facism is killing previously free-spirited events. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Bring back free love and all that sailed in her.


  1. Mmmmm but I do love Hot Chip. They re Brits, right? But also not rock. And of COURSE, Bat for Lashes, but again...not rock. Oops. Comment now inane.

  2. even inane chimera comments are worth the wait.

    the two you mention groove.