Saturday, 12 September 2009

Red listed.

Photos of me are scarce and for jolly good reason.

There's a quiet joy in only ever staring through the dirty lens rather than flouncing around in front of it. People don't tend to question the man with the camera so blending becomes the norm. Sometimes, only sometimes, that happy status quo is broken and rarer still... the pain is self-inflicted. As it is here.

Polaroid made some quite amazing toys to play with. I used a couple here including the ingenious self-timer. There is absolutely no anbiguity with a Polaroid timer. No, is it isn't it? No jumping around back and forth checking the fucking thing. You damn well know it's live and kicking and you better be ready cos those shots are expensive. But what price fun?

Polaroid's dead. Long live Polaroid.


  1. windy tree .. tick .. where is the white horse?

  2. I tried. I tried so hard.
    But setting up a tripod and all the jumping around scared them off. They're wild you know.