Friday, 16 October 2009

Things to find in the countrysideVI.

Number 6. Misty views and misty fences.

I don't know why I bother complaining about the weather; things look so much nicer in the fog.


  1. Things really are fastastic in the fog. Light is magic, images are wisps, everything is caught in atmospheric perspective and much more dreamy.

    San Francisco has a lot of fog and people complain about it so much, except for me. I happen to like rain but I LOVE fog. So please keep venturing out into it, as I love the fog of your photos.

    (hey, ps, I got a blog. You asked about it a while ago and here it is. Pretty boring now, as it isn't just a photo blog and I haven't picked up a camera in a week, blasphemy! But now you know.)

  2. wow it's beautiful! i should invest some time in making mine look posh. how can i follow it?

  3. and yes. fog, mist, wisp, whatever is the most inspiring weather for sure. sun is so over-rated. especially with these machines ;-)

  4. Hmm. I'm not really sure how to follow it. I think if you have a blogroll option, you can do it that way, but I just use google reader to view blogs instead of following them. So I am not a big help!