Monday, 18 January 2010

Future echo.

Hoax or reality?

I don't know what I thought as this strangely elegant, yet ultimately ugly camera jumped off the page. I hate the wood (or wood effect) but like the departure of Dubbya: it gives you hope. It has the classic lines of Polaroid, but we missed 20 good years of evolution - being served up only black plastic horrors and Spice Cams - so it's a hard vision to nail.

The twisting track that's defined Polaroid, or more broadly instant photography, has been a bizarre one in recent times. The news is guarded, the shadows lengthen. Will it, won't it? It's beginning to feel like a form of torturous pleasure. Maybe the horizon really is filled only with the limp blandness of digital, but that would be too horrible to imagine.

The church of Polaroid is a committed one; more vehemently protected and argued over than any other. And all that comes from entirely within her own ranks.

We have but one choice as I see it. Support anyone and everyone who is digging deep in their pockets to save the artform we love. If you don't like what they're doing, do something else.

I found this image here.

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