Tuesday, 20 April 2010

This was supposed to be about horses.


  1. Next time - May I suggest gettin down on your belly in order to profile that beautiful horse against the sky?

    Still watching,

  2. this horse is violent... but wait. there are more to come... this was the introduction ;)

  3. "...more to come..."

    Are you going to double my order?

    Oh my. Just noticed (for the first time) all the GOODNESS in the right side column. Some I recognize and am familiar with & some I recognize but haven't seen & others I'll have to get to know. Perhaps I should make some pictures, write some words and think of a clever name. I really do need to get out more.

  4. It's new... Don't beat yourself up about it. Need to add more, but I have to remember them first... You have a website don't you? If not just think of a goofy name, that's suitably avant garde and tragic enough, and get involved.

  5. Love your comment "suitably avant garde and tragic enough." Indeed.

    Oh, and the photo is, of course, gorgeous.

  6. haha... yeah, well mine certainly is "suitably avant garde and tragic enough." and yours is getting there ;)

    is authenticity dead??

    hey, how do you get your "add this" beneath each post? mine just appears on the right... it's bugging me.

  7. "suitably avant garde and tragic enough."

    I may just go with that. ;) Don't knwo if I could live up to the expectations it evokes though.

    I guess I've had the blog thing for several months now but it's still a virgin. Kinda like that website name I registered a few years ago.

  8. What domain you got? What domain you got??

    I've had one for 2 years that i've never done anything with... Such an idiot.

  9. (myname)photography.com

    very original innit?. i'd actually had myname.com for years but i let it lapse. now it's owned by some sanitation company. no joke.

    hey, just did a flyby over on the flickr - yeah, i peek around there occasionally. love "Halo". you lucked out with the chemical ears in the sky. whoa.

  10. dammit.
    i keep forgetting to proof read.
    and i can't edit.

  11. OH NOOOOO....

    Yup. The ears are now here too. ;-)