Thursday, 24 June 2010

Where does your "stuff" come from?

Ethical, green, fairtrade, organic, local, sustainable, eco... We have arrived at the farcical situation where posessing an eco-conscious is used as a weapon against us... in an effort to flog us, yet more, stuff.

If, like me, you're bamboozled by endless jargon you'll be pleased to find a young company that's happily using the common-speak.

Rapanui cut the crap and let you to trace the history of the stuff you buy. What was the crop, where was it grown, who grew it and why? See what you think...

But just remember fellow time-travellers. The greenest ....... (substitute with anything in this space) is the one you already own. You cannot buy your way into eco-heaven. Yet.


  1. wise words!


  2. so simple why haven't many people done this already..we've been doing it for years with meat! good stuff! lets get a movement going. PIKE.

  3. Really wondering why a company would use Rapanui as their name - especially for anything related to Eco-consciousness. Rapa Nui - Easter Island - is an ecological disaster, decimated by over-population and overexploitation.

    And it doesn't look like the Rapanui actually get anything out of this company, do they?

  4. There is an explanation about the naming somewhere, but can't find it right now... If I do I will point you to it.

    "ecological disaster, decimated by over-population and overexploitation."

    That might be why they chose that name?

    But, I'm not sure that's any different to anywhere else on Earth, the only thing that alters are the timescales. Disaster always comes too soon.

  5. I couldn't find the explanation, either, which I thought was odd. Most people think of Easter Island and think of the giant Moai, not the disaster part.

    Oh, true. The fertile crescent is another prime example of over-exploitation. Easter Island is a rather stunning example, of course.