Thursday, 23 September 2010

The island.

It will probably never happen.


  1. and of course I can't help but ask
    WHAT will probably never happen?
    but at the same time I know, you won't tell me :-D

  2. And you'd be right.

    Everyone has islands of improbability, don't they? It doesn't have to be about anything...

  3. You Suck!*

    I hate coming here and seeing beautiful SX-70 shots, complete with speckles - and even dinosaurs in the sky.

    *the breath from me.


  4. Come on, man. You've taken more beautiful time zero pictures than the rest of us put together!!

    But thank you... Means a lot.

    Dinosaur you say? That's a new one... Skull & antlers have already been mentioned, but i do like a good dinosaur or three. So i'll settle with that.

    Would you mind emailing me your address again, i looked for it earlier and couldn't find it..