Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Good times...

I can be known for being quite a committed misanthrope, but even I admit there's really nothing quite like making merry with a thousand others in the streets. Despite the beer I managed to take some photos, so here are some of the shots I found in my bag after the meander home.

I think I gave most of the Polaroids away on the day, but that's what it's best for - it feels terribly cruel to take a photo of someone, show them, then pocket it and walk off... And it's such a joyous antidote to the soul sucking of a million digital cameras.

Ps, I've given away a few more Polas today and already feel that default misanthropy fading.

Pps, We - or maybe I really mean I - should do this kind of thing more often.


  1. really nice photos and feeling!

  2. Ah thanks Luis. Long time! I hope you're well.

  3. Lovely shots. I too love giving away Polaroids.