Friday, 8 July 2011

Roid Week is coming...

If you like Polaroids and you use Flickr, then you probably already know about Roid Week.

It's the most gloriously indulgent orgy of all things instant and it will probably drag me out of my entirely unplanned semi Flickr retirement hiatus thing. Some of my old Roid Week entries are in this Flickr set, but cos i'm shit at tagging I don't think i've found them all...

The feeding frenzy begins on the 11th and it's easy to get lost in the melee, but if you can keep up, or even just drop in, it's a chance to see just how beautiful this form of photography can be. Polaroid is certainly not dead, and with the continual evolution of The Impossible Project our early blind hope is being replaced with a kind of blissful assuredness over the future of our favourite medium.

It's curated by Cate and Gardengal. So give them some thanks.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I always seem to miss it.

  2. Hi mandy! Well just make sure you don't miss it this time :)

  3. Oh, Dan, I can't wait! And only one day to go! yay!
    I shot a couple of polas yesterday while filming the music video..was going to upload them already but think i'll keep them for roid week :) so excitiiing

  4. I have some ready... They're not very "me" though. Looking forward to seeing what you've taken. :)