Monday, 22 March 2010

We can get on with our lives now.

Who said it couldn't be done?

After years of weeping into my cornflakes at the thought of running out of film, those crazy chaps at Impossible have saved me. Show them some love, will you.

I've got a few more test shots of the new film, but you'll have to wait for them...

Happy to answer any questions about this beautiful film.


  1. So awesome! What an honor to be able to test it! I'm excited to get my hands on a pack :)

  2. Yes. And yes! Massive honour and incredibly grateful. It's unbelievably beautiful stuff. The blue is incredible, but you really do have to handle with care (especially outdoors in good light). Which is where I take most of my photos...

  3. Tell me more! So, they are doing the 3 tinted films with integral as they did with packfilm possibly? (Is a new time zero in store for us soon?)

  4. Hi Chimera!

    3 tinted films... oh, no don't think so. Think that was just a bit of chemistry luck rather than a grand plan.

    Off the top of my head but run to Impossible to find out for sure is:

    100 ISO B + W released on 25th March.
    600 ISO B + W released next week.

    $22. Or E18. 8 shots.

    Later this summer some colour films in both speeds (harder to find components mean the delay I think).

    I've only tried the 100 ISO B + W... It's amazing! Can't believe they've done it.

    I have NO idea what the colour films will be like. Probably no one does, but I doubt it will resemble any film we've seen before. Will be ultra fun to find out.

    Thanks Sarah!