Friday, 5 March 2010

What a mistake to make.

This is the photo I entered into the Blur Polaroid competition. In hindsight it was an overwhelmingly bad decision as clearly the judges were hallucinated by the beauty of Time Zero film. It's a trap we've probably all fallen into at some point... me certainly.

But the instructions were clear. Sumbit your best photo. In your opinion. So, I did.

I picked a photo that was personally important and I felt had enough drama and beauty in it to have a chance. So, I mustn't feel bad about the subjective decisions of other individuals. Judging a photo competition must be one of the hardest jobs imaginable.

I had the joy of judging an art competition last summer and although there was a clear stand-out winner in my mind filtering the rest into some kind of order was a type of torture.

But i'll always wonder if I had uploaded something garish in Time Zero whether it would have made the cut. I'll throw up some contenders in a bit.


  1. firstly, that photo is stunning.
    and the kind of image I would expect to see in a "best of" competition. so I don't think you're alone in your thoughts.

    I think sometimes people are so caught up on the medium of polaroid itself, they forget what makes a truly great photograph. it's a shame.

  2. Thanks Ash. Nice of you to say.

    No Polaroid is ever bad - in my opinion - I just feel they didn't use the competition to show how diverse a tool it can be.

    Whch if I was creating a votable shortlist for a competition I think would be aim no. 1.

    Life goes on unidisturbed. :)

  3. beautiful shot...... can't wait to see the contenders! I was really looking forward to seeing the diversity made possible by Polaroid with the competition results.

  4. No mistake...

    This is a gorgeous shot - and not just stroking your ego here, either.
    If someone else doesn't think it's the best of 500 or so, then so be it. You know in your heart it's a good shot, otherwise you wouldn't have sent it in. We all love your work, so there!

    And I second Ash's last comment.