Thursday, 6 May 2010

The lava rain.

Cornwall is blessed with some wonderful looking trees...and I just can't help myself.

Yet more experimentation with SX70 camera and PX100 film. I'm beginning to feel like it will always be an experiment with this stuff!

The first photo was exposed properly, protected from light (using a dark slide) and developed at the suggested temperature (roughly 17C). The second image wasn't protected from light immediately and was warmed on the stove of the van while developing. I don't think it's even a contest as to which is the more beautiful image; but maybe you'll let me know which one you prefer?

Click on the photos to get launched to Flickr.


  1. yeah.... it is sort of nice to know that it can be nearly truly black and white when you want it to be though!

    hope you mended your camera! and swap the film okay?

  2. Obviously the second. I've had trouble with the heat - makes my photos all muddy (ick).

    And I LOVE the trees in Cornwall. Wow. I wouldn't be able to help myself either.

  3. I *think* i've been lucky. I *think* flashing it the light then heating it has *helped* with some of my shots like this (the antler lot etc). I *think* it helps to let a bit of uncontrolled light craze the picture before allowing the heat to do the rest...