Friday, 6 August 2010

On re-kindlement.

Getting back into Polaroids?

Most of my pictures are taken with something a bit like this.
It's a folding Polaroid SX-70 - this one looks a bit odd because of the Sonar arrangement on top. I prefer them without partly because it's not the most pleasant addition to the camera but also because when they fold down it's a hell of a lot smaller without it.

They're the most extraordinarily beautiful little SLR cameras. A genius of engineering and aesthetic.

Get one if you can.
They focus down to about 12 inches, and closer if you get the close-up kit, which means they're pretty much un-paralelled in the Polaroid world. The plasticy cameras you probably all had as kids rarely let you get in closer than about 3ft.
Sadly the film (SX-70 Time Zero) these pictures were taken on in is going the same way as Smilodon or Eohippus. But there is some good news. The Impossible Project has started making film to feed these beauties again, so there's no better time to re-kindle your love affair. The new colour film is heading in a similar direction to the original SX-70 film, so one day the prodigal son of Edwin Land may return to us all.


  1. how beautiful is the third one.

  2. Polaroid pictures are always so nice to look at. Love the raw and candid feel of them!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  3. Thanks both. Thanks for dropping by!