Sunday, 1 August 2010

Testing testing.

Here are my personal favourites ^ from using The Impossible Project's PX70 so far. They don't all really contain colour, but - to me at least - all have something very beautiful about them. I'm camera-lickingly excited for the future of these materials if those industrious chaps holed up in Enschede keep on the way they have been. I hope you all show them support by buying their films and giving them feedback.

~~All these photos have been posted to Flickr and Polanoid so just click on them to find them.

However, i've also taken some shots with the PX70 that just don't do it for me . And 'cos i'm stupidly vain I won't be posting them on the web anywhere else, so keep on scrolling to see what I mean. They're a bit lifeless, lacking in contrast and colour, and most importantly weren't very good photos to begin with. I reckon good advice early on is take shots of colourful subjects in good natural light with a normal exposure (that may seem obvious, but it's the last thing I normally do). Keep an eye on how they change over time and do let me know how you get on with this stuff when you first use it, won't you.

Click on these photos to make them bigger.

And DON'T FORGET. Send in your best PX70 shot to TIP by August 16th and become an official tester of the next versions of the film.


  1. This film looks amazing.. I can't wait to try it out!

  2. These were from the test emulsions, right? Do let us know how they differ (if they do differ) from the film on sale now.

    I have some coming! Can't wait to try it out. Also ordered some PZ while I was at it, my Spectra's been a bit neglected.

    I've also come across hints that they're releasing something good in November...

  3. my PX70 was in the post today. it will be interesting to see what I can do with far I'm not completely and utterly convinced that i will fall in love with it.
    do you have any advice, what works best with this film?

  4. Hi taf. I honestly don't know how different these are from the real thing - i don't have the real thing!

    Yeah Ash, give it a whirl!

    Oooo November. Exciting. Do tell.

  5. Hi kat. No, I think it is something one needs to learn to love, rather than fall in love instantly with.

    I think it will suit your moody close-up singular shots quite well. I think - like most things - light is your best friend with this stuff. I don't it will be much good for landscapes and indefinite shots for a while.

  6. a marriage of convenience :-D

  7. hmmm, so mostly blue happening in these? i'm looking forward to receiving my first packs so i can try it out!

  8. Hi Laura - yep mostly blue for me... I think this is a reflection of my liking for low light... But will be really interesting to see - others seem to have started getting the film in their hands now.

  9. I wonder if "best px70" could include test versions as well. I'll have to ask Anne.

    I noticed that when there was a lot of light colors tended to "pop" more. My indoor shots tended to have the more monochromatic blue in them.

    I actually quite like the last "dud", it has a creepy feeling to it I enjoy.

  10. I completely agree with everything you say.

    Sure, the test stuff will count ;)

    Hope so!