Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Summer adventures.


  1. Que fotos tan tan chulas.
    Son muy mágicas!

  2. Of all the packs of SX-70 (Time-Zero) film that I've shot I've never been lucky enough to get a speckled pack.

    I'll keep trying though.

    Good stuff again Dan.

    Keep dreaming.

  3. Ahah, young orezemit. Long time... I still need to update you on the camera, but the news is not good...

    2001. A very good (by good, I mean cheap) vintage.

    Hope you're well... Will write soon properly.

    Always dreaming. But sometimes they're clouded.

  4. The news may be bad for Burlie, but I'm sure he looks good on a shelf. ;-)

    I have a box or few of '01 myself but have never experienced the elusive speckles. I'll keep dreaming.

    Update - the weather is refusing to cool here & I'm still searching for a special "capstone" for the next generation of Burlie. I've also taken on another conversion that will require most of my skill. I'll keep you posted.

    Here's to cloudy dreams. Cheers.